Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Simple Fall Candles

Need a quick crafted project to add some seasonal splash for Thanksgiving? How about making these leaf decorated candles?

You will need some pressed leaves, a light coloured sheet of beeswax along with a light coloured pillar candle and finally, your hair dryer.
Measure the height and circumference of the candle. Cut the sheet of beeswax to the desired finished height and add 1/4" to the circumference measurement to give you overlap to secure the beeswax.
Lay the leaves (darker ones show through the best) face down onto the sheet of beeswax. Make sure you leave space clear along the length that forms the overlap.
Lay the candle at the edge of the sheet of beeswax, lining up the top and bottom of the candle with the cut edges. You may need to warm the beeswax up by using your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting, if your sheet of beeswax is cold, otherwise it will not be pliable enough to wrap around the candle and will only crack apart.
Once you have rolled the candle in the sheet of leaf covered beeswax you need to overlap the wax at the back to create a small seam. You will use your hand held hair dryer to heat the wax gently to create this seam, using your fingertips to press the layers together to secure them.

These are two of the several candles I've made using different candle sizes. On the shorter candle I actually cut a circle of beeswax (but didn't layer in any leaves) to cover the top of the candle and poked the wick up through the center. For the taller candle I only covered the sides of candle in beeswax.


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