Saturday, December 29, 2007

In the Pink

Here's a peek at the handmade birthday gifts I gave to a lovely young woman and sweet friend that will soon be on her way home to Australia. Lots of pink. Love it. All made with love for K.

The felted clogs are actually more brightly coloured than the photos show. The uppers are a variegation of pink, tan and chocolate brown. The upper edge is in the matching shade of solid pink with the inner soles in tan and the outer soles knit in chocolate brown. It was probably crazy to knit her the felted clogs when she's heading home to summer and certainly the Aussie winters are nowhere as cold as the winters here. I guess they'll just be a reminder of the cold she experienced in Canada. ;o)
The next pink gift was a pair of amethyst pendant earrings I made. Quite simple in fact to make. I chose amethyst gemstones as they mean sincerity, which K exudes in spades.
Then to round things out, I had to sew something to give her! The simple backpack styled tote seemed the perfect way to package my gifts and a wonderful way to share some Amy Butler fabric with K. Here's to you, K!


  1. Some very special and wonderful gifts you made for K.! I love the way you made the bag, great fabrics!

  2. Your friend will be in the pink, these are really lovely gifts and really beautifully made, I enlarged your photo to have a good nose, I would be well pleased to receive these, those felted slippers must be rolling off the production line! x

  3. The color on those clogs! So scrumptious. I've made a pair for a gift and need to make some for myself. San Francisco winters are like Sydney and Perth.

  4. re photo storage you might want to reduce the size of your photos , before you upload them. They will still appear same size on the blog (but be a little smaller when people click on the photos for a closer look)that will save some of your space.


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