Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How to avoid Works- in- Progress...

Between fighting off a cold and having less access to the computer lately, I've been missing out on blogland and the days are adding up since I last posted. After getting some extra sleep and drowning the attacking cold bug with copious amounts of water, I'm happy to say I'm back!
Do you ever find yourself looking to make something for a bit of instant gratification? Well, I hit a roadblock with one of my works-in-progress and decided that I needed to make something simple and quick. I turned to Amy Butler's In Stitches apron pattern for the basics and then made some simple alterations in size and added touches.
I made a flower rather than the original rectangle shaped pocket for the front to go with the Mary Engelbreit fabric. Fun!
This is the reverse side of the apron. Solid colours and ric rac. There is even a tuck between the red and yellow fabric (which doesn't show up in this photo) for a bit more feminine flair.
I love the little sayings printed on the Mary Engelbreit fabric and chose this one for the pocket. I'm now thinking that this apron needs some matching kitchen accessories... but I probably should get back to the other projects already started. Kinda of scary when I look at how many works in progress that are needing attention around here.
What do you do when one project has you stumped? Do you dive into a different project for a change of pace? Do tell...


  1. Sometimes I look on the internet for a new idea, sometimes I just plow through and hope a good idea strikes me, other times I put it away and come back to it later. It just depends what it is, and how much time I have to mess with it.

    Your little apron is really cute! I keep thinking I should make myself some, but never seem to get back around to doing it. LOL!

  2. If I get bored with something, or stuck on making a decision for the next stage of a project, I spend a lot of time just reading books or trolling through Ravelry or surfing the net - or work on a completely different project. Then I come back to the one in question and it does eventually get finished!
    Hope you're feeling better today.

  3. I tend to have way too many things going at once, with 12 more brewing in my head. I think I probably jump to the next project too soon and nothing ever gets done!!

    Love the apron by the way! Really cute use of the fabric.

  4. Oh that is fantastic! I love everything about it. The fabrics are great and the flower detail is perfect.

  5. Love the ME fabric. I have a bunch of it and not sure what to do with it! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. I usually don't have any trouble finishing a project. If I get stumped, I have a sewing sister to advise me, then I make a decision what to do with it. My real life? - now that's a different story, sadly.


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