Thursday, January 31, 2008

Log Cabin Love

Since I was brave enough to show you the first quilt I made (with all it's blocks lost in the whiteness of the fabrics), I decided to share the colour of my second quilt. My first quilt gave me the courage to just have at the whole quilting experience, which meant I spent some time collecting a variety of fabrics to make a colourful log cabin quilt. I had a great time putting this quilt together choosing red as the feature colour to represent the warmth of my son's personality.
If you click on the photos you will see that I discovered stipple quilting. That has become a favourite way to machine quilt for me. I love the meandering of this stitch.


  1. The red really popped when I pulled up your blog. My first thought was that this was a valentine quilt. Very nice.

    I tried to reply to your messages today but they came back to me.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog. I am working up a pattern for the coasters now to be somewhat like the first one on my post.

    Maybe we could join forces with the PIF thing? I got one response to mine.

  2. It's really pretty. i love the reds...really wowwy!

  3. This was your second quilt? Holy cow woman!! It is gorgeous! I love the colors - or colours as you say! (Your way seems much more fabulous!!)

  4. Great quilt! Your colours are fantastic.


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