Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Make His Day

No, I don't have any sewing projects to share today. Sorry also if the title misled you to believe that this post will read like a Cosmopolitan article (giggle). I'm going to talk about my sons and all it takes to make their day. Both have been a little under the weather and my youngest has taken up residence on the couch. I spent most of yesterday afternoon reading this book to him (older teen ventured in and out to listen during this time).

I just find it so wonderful that even though he's a newly minted teenager, he still enjoys having me read to him and begs me not to stop (even when I explained that having supper wouldn't happen unless I took a reading break so I could get things cooking).
Today I ventured to the library to collect all the books he'd put on hold.
Now, reading to my sons is something my husband and I have loved doing for years. It became part of each and every day (that's my excuse for the messy house all these years - more important to be reading than doing housework ;o), but reading aloud has tapered off somewhat as the boys can now read for themselves. We do like to share thick novels together in the evenings. Great authors and classic books. Fiction, non-fiction. Recently, fantasy. My husband and I read HP #7 aloud over the course of one weekend. We were that engrossed. It's been so much fun sharing a love of books with our sons and being able to talk about what we're reading. Good stuff. Now something funny I have noticed through the years we've been homeschoolers is that certain books reappear in our household with the reliability and constancy of the four seasons. Case in point are the titles amongst today's book haul. A whole whack of Garfield titles and then Hank the Cowdog on cd. Seems like we've cycled back to these old favourites. I guess the boys have the right idea. Nothing makes you feel quite as good as some laughs. I totally love that I can make their day by trudging home with some books they want and even more so if I can share the book with them.


  1. Reading rocks!! There's nothing like reading to your kids, no matter how old they are! :)

  2. Lovely to read (ha,ha!) about your cozy day with your son.

    I couldn't agree more with you about reading to your children. That has also been a very important part of bringing up our children.

    I enjoy the feeling I get, when a new book has been bought or borrowed - the exitment of what it will bring me...

    Reading to each other is so nice and calming (of course that depends a bit about what you are reading!!)

    Ulla :0)

  3. Hank the Cowdog books are totally groovy :)


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