Monday, January 28, 2008

'Manly' Quilt and the need for striping yarn...

Thanks for all your get well wishes. I think I am finally on the other side of my head cold. I also managed to get the quilt top pieced over the weekend and now have to sort out what to use for the backing.

The faster I can finish this, the happier my oldest son will be. He's "mad for plaid" (and one of the outgrown shirt sources for this quilt), and is being rather fussy about what I intend for the backing, lest I mess up the overall, and I quote him here, "manliness" of his quilt. Ha.
While contemplating a manly finish to the quilt, I picked up my languishing knitting needles. Here's the second sock to a pair I've had on the needles since... um... Nov.? Sad, I know. This is the reason why I need to continue to knit socks in self striping sock yarn. It's obvious that the different colours in the striping yarn actually motivate me to finish the socks faster. (Since I'm being honest here, I will also admit to not liking the Kitchener stitch, which if you look close at the top of my yarn basket, you will see the first sock is still on the needles awaiting the grafting of the toe... but I actually do like knitting the socks. Really. I do.)


  1. The manly quilt is looking great! The backing... maybe a solid red or blue? Knitting socks, I tried last weeks, gave up immediately, not my pice of cake!

  2. maybe it's time to check out some sock books from the library and find some different ways to finish them off, other than about toe up?

  3. Yes Katherine, toe up means no dreaded kitchener stitch!

    I just posted about my (almost) finished sweater and the hood is finished in a huge kitchener stitch across the top. I was thinking of you the whole time :-)

  4. I am so impressed with people who knit socks! When I grow up I'm going to do that too!

    I love the manly quilt too. I vote with Nicolette for the red or blue, a solid or a check!


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