Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quilt Blocks for Week 7 & 8 in Quilt a-long

Whew. I had temporarily fallen behind in the Quilt a-long blocks for this week and last week. I am using limited bits of fabric from my stash and may have to dig out something else for the background fabrics (which you'll notice when viewing the following photos) to finish out the remaining four blocks that Amandajean will give directions for.

Here's Week 7's featured block:

With this one being for Week 8: *ahem, you will note that I had to use two different background fabrics in this block because I just didn't have any more pieces of the one.
After stitching up the two latest blocks, I had to lay them out with the previous six to see the overall effect.
I'm so glad I joined the Quilt a-long ... especially when I look at my completed blocks! It's fun to find bits and pieces to combine to make the blocks. The majority of my fabric stash is comprised of thrifted finds and some leftover bits from previous projects - which means I don't have much yardage in the majority of the fabrics in this project. This is very much a scrappy quilt in the making. My favourite kind!


  1. nice blocks there are quite a few doing the quilt-a-long.......

  2. your blocks are great.. and I have *ahem* used different fabrics for the background in many blocks.. some I have even used fabric in reverse (aka the back of fabric) and I didn't even know it.. bugger, but hey, it makes it a scrap quilt when its scrappy is my thinking! :O)


  3. I just joined the quilt-a-long. Your blocks are inspiring me to catch up! I'm hoping to be up with everyone by the end of the week. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love seeing it come together :)

  5. Aahhhh, one day I hope to develope the patience and skill to quilt.
    Love the different blocks.

    Kimberly :)

  6. your blocks look great. isn't it fun to see them all together?

  7. Your blocks are looking great! I really have to get caught up with mine. I have like 4 done, LOL! So many projects so little time!


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