Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Goodness in the Mail

Want to see the beautiful work of two talented ladies that have generously shared some of their creative goodness with me?
Katie sent me this gorgeous doll sized quilt after I was lucky enough to win in one of her giveaways recently.

Roxanne sent me this lovely and clever hand-made Valentine's Day card/bookmark that I just received.

I tell ya, I'm feeling spoiled and rather giddy to be receiving such goodness. The males in my household are really wondering what's going on that I should be so lucky in receiving gifties such as these. As for me, I'm just ever so thankful and amazed at the kindness and generosity of the friends I'm finding in blogland. Thank you so very much!


  1. Hi!!!
    Thank´s sooo much for your sweet words on my blog!!! Wow you are from Canada what a long distance:) Sorry my english is not soo perfect but I do my best! Your blog is beautiful you are so creative I wished I had so much time and the now how to sew a quilt like you!! Can I add you to my favourites? Hope to hear and see more from you:)....Greetings from a german girl in Danmark;))..*Marie*

  2. Dear Kathrine,

    First of all, I really think you deserve the many gifts.

    Secondly, you simply helped me so much without knowing it.
    For such a looooong time I have been looking for a pattern for a needlebook. But I haven't been able to find one anywhere (and believe me, I have looked all over. I'm so tired of pricking my fingers on needles, when I bring my embroidery stuff with me in my bag!!!!)
    I even joined a flickrgroup about needlebooks, hoping that a pattern might show up:0)

    Then I saw your BEAUTIFUL needlebooks (You always get so many wonderful ideas - and I know I have told you so before ;0))
    The most embarrasing thing is that I have the Tilda book myself!!!!! Do you believe it?? I feel rather sheepish....

    Have a lovely day :0)

  3. Forgot to tell you that your new banner looks georgeous...

  4. hurray for good mail! my husband gives me grief about mail goodness, but probably because he is jealous. :)

  5. You're the sweetest Katherine! And you deserve all the goodness that comes your way! :)

  6. New Banner!!! I love it! So pretty. I think that crafting bloggers are the nicest people in the world. That's why so many good things go their way. See, so you quite simply deserve it! (And you hang out in cyberspace with the nicest people!)

  7. oh, what a sweet day for beautiful mail :)

  8. What cute gifts! Love that precious little doll quilt.

    Kimberly :)


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