Thursday, March 27, 2008

Late Nights

First there was the late nite spent envisioning this project. Here's a glimpse of the work in progress.
Next there is the late nite spent trying to manifest my idea for a new apron design....
Staying up late is easy when I combine two things I enjoy, such as sewing and either watching old movies on the portable dvd player or listening to an audiobook. I call it multi-tasking ;o) Last nite was spent enjoying Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. A good movie does help my creative process.

This movie had a happy ending. My project? Well, I'm hoping to sort it out and give it a happy ending too. Maybe tonite, if I can find another movie...


  1. can't wait to see the end product.

  2. I think a lightbulb just went off over my head. I've been wanting a bit more entertainment in my studio for a while but I don't want another TV. A portable DVD player seems like the perfect solution. You're a genius :)


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