Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vintage Blues WIP

I have been slowly amassing a stash of vintage sheets for re-purposing. Today, I dove into this lovely blue assortment to cut out pieces for a quilt.
This is what I have so far...
and you can see there's some carpet showing where I need to put a couple more pieces, but I've used every blue sheet or pillowcase I've collected.
You do know what this means? I will *have* to go thrifting again soon. ;o)


  1. We had duvet covers made of this kind of material, back as kids in the 1970s. Thank you for bringing it back to life! x

  2. looks great so far! It looks like each print was meant for each other! Good eye for design!!!

  3. I have some lovely blue vintage fabric that I would be happy to share,send me your address and I will pop a square or two in the post:0)
    You can see it here http://pondering-ponteuf.typepad.com/pondering_ponteuf/2008/03/jim-jams.html

    (beauty that moves has posted about paying it forward today,this is just me joining in:0)
    I love the stash that you have collected already

  4. Oh, this is so pretty and springy!! I went and checked my pile I am saving up for you, but sorry no blue! Guess you will have to shop! :)

  5. that is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  6. I don't know how I've found your blog - "flying" through the net - but i like it! and thanks for your zipper tutorial! :)
    (sorry my English...)

  7. Love the vintage fabrics! I bought a role of worn and washed fabrics at the quilt fair yesterday. Everything is cut, all I have to do is start the sewing-machine and sew the pieces together!


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