Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You get to Choose! Giveaway Update...

Choice #1....

Choice #2....
Choice #3....
...the reverse side of #3....

Choice # 4....
...inside of #4....
Choice #5....
...inside of #5....

Choice # 6?... I'm keeping as a surprise for now! (Maybe build a little suspense and mystery around it as part of the whole giveaway fun ;o)
What's happening with my giveaway? Due to the technical difficulties I've had in posting photos on Blogger (since I announced my giveaway last Friday), I had time to think about my giveaway. You see, I always like to give a gift that the recipient really likes - which means I try to make it suit their tastes, interests and/or is something that they could use. The hope is that the recipient will enjoy the handmade gift all the more. So, I got to thinking... why not let my blog giveaway winner (you have until Fri. Mar. 14 to enter) choose what she would like best from some of the projects I've sewn?
** As you may recognize some of the projects I've made in the above photos, please note that not one of them has been used. I just love sewing and trying out new patterns, fabrics and ideas - which means I've got an inventory of finished projects looking for a loving home.**


  1. Number 1, Number 1, Number 1, Number 1.....I like Number 1. The print, the stripe, the color. It's all perfect....

  2. Oh my goodness, how would someone choose? All gorgeous!!

  3. Wow - what an amazing giveaway you are having. They are all lovely but I think my choice would be number 2. I've also had problems uploading photos on bloggger lately - have to do one at a time. Very frustrating isn't it.

  4. I hate blogger photos.. I used to be able to upload them, and drag them around the page, but alas, no more.. the )(#*$#% makes me so cranky and I have used words I never knew I knew!

    I dont know if I could pick.. no 1 or no 2 methinks!


  5. Hi Katherine, I love all your goods, especially no 1. But, since I’ve won so many give-aways lately, I hope you don’t mind when I ask you to not count me in the draw... We will have our private swap!! LOL! Good luck to all the others.
    Blogger is giving so lots of problems uploading and leaving comments lately (and no showing new posts in bloglines).

  6. I love #5! beautiful! You do beautiful work!

  7. I love #2! Does begging help???? Ha! I love your blog.

  8. I think #1 and #4 are my favorites but they are all so pretty! Now that I found you (Thanks Lissa), I read you daily. Thanks!

  9. WOW! All that in your unused stash! Number 1!!! Soooo pretty and perfect!

  10. Oooohhhh I really like number 2 and number 5, but would be more than happy with any of them!!

  11. Hi! I found your lovely blog by way of Lille Urses... I have to say that I am seriously loving the first one with the big sunny flowers- perfect for Spring!! I may have to have a giveaway soon on my blog, as soon as I figure out how to use it now that I've switched to a Mac! :)

  12. holy guacamole! BEAUTIFUL! it's a treat just LOOKing at these beauties!
    Heather sent me...

  13. Ooh I know what I would like if I won, but I shan't say! I hope I am not too late to be entered into your wonderful giveaway? x

  14. I love number one too! The others are lovely, but number one speaks to me!

  15. All of the gifts are lovely!! Is that ME fabric???? You are one productive chickie!! Now did I sign up for this? I'll have to go check!

    No doubt I'm gonna try my luck in this one, as well ! How nice of you ! :>)

    NUMBER 6 for me (I'm dreaaaaaaming of such a beautiful crazy bag, and I can already imagine myself having a stroll to the quilt shop with it!), pleazzzzzze, pleazzzze, pick me, pick me ! :>)

    Hugs & smiles to you....


    By the way : I haven't forgotten your Pay it Forward gift, it'll come soon... surprise ! :>)

  17. Oh I love number 1 as well. Heather sent me this way. I feel so inspired after reading all your blogs. Please keep sharing ideas.Michelle

  18. Helloooo, Katherine !

    Sorry, sorry dear, I made a mistake : when choosing the beautiful crazy bag, I was so excited that I mentionned NR 6 INSTEAD OF NUMBER 5 (silly me !).

    Still crossing my fingers (and toes) that you'll pick me :>)

    Hugs & smiles to you,

  19. And Heather sent me,too! And those are so very beautiful!


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