Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blogging with a Purpose...

Recently, my friend, Ulla over at Lille-Ursus surprised me with a blog award:

With the award comes some simple rules for me to do:
A. I have to find 5 blogs to nominate, which haven't had this particular award before.
B. Each of the 5 blogs must have a purpose.
C. The nominated blogs must make a link back to this page.
D. The logo must be put on their blog and it must link back to this blog.
Choosing just 5 blogs to nominate is the tough part for me. I have so many blogs that I love to visit - each one is meaningful and enjoyable to me for different reasons.
1. My 3 girlfriends (Heather, Nicola & Samantha) at FourFriendsandaBlog. You inspire me. You encourage me and you amaze me! You not only talk about living green, eating healthy and the pleasures of family life and homeschooling - you girls live it! You do know how to make life fun.
2. Amandajean at Crazy Mom Quilts. Your quilting prowess is revered throughout blogland. You share your amazing talent with gorgeous photos and wonderful tutorials. So much eye candy and inspiration.
3. Roxanne at Craft Addictions . You share your creative talents and clever projects in a wide array - from the lovely tablerunners, pretty papercrafts to adorable fashions for your little miss. You are also a whiz at re-purposing (and share my love for vintage sheets ;o)
4. Felicia at Fluffy Flowers. You have a gift for making whimsical creatures and a way with words that make me smile. You also have broadened my knowledge of the South and made me swoon with the gorgeous photos of flora and (oh, my!) the shots of old fashioned shops filled with vintage treasures.
5. Sonya at Knit Sonya. You constantly amaze with your creative talents (your knitting prowess in particular has me in awe) and eloquence. You post beautiful photos and moving words.
Now, ladies it's up to you to continue to hand out this award in blogland. You know, I think I could cite 5 more blogs each day because there is something special about each one I visit. Your blogging is with a purpose, and I want to thank you.


  1. Oh Katherine, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for giving me this award. I'm so glad that my little corner of the world makes you smile.

  2. thanks so much Katherine! you are so sweet. :)

  3. THANK YOU! That really means so much to me that you enjoy reading my blog! I'm so glad to have "met" you!


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