Thursday, April 17, 2008

Camera Woes - No Picture Post

My apologies for seeming to disappear from blogging the past several days. I've been having some major camera troubles. I have projects and good stuff from friends to share with you... but I need my camera to be working properly (which it isn't - I actually think it is in its death throes and so I will be looking to buy a new digital camera or else go back to my SLR and have the film put to CD so I can upload them to the computer.) Anyways, until I get that all sorted out, do you want me to post anyways? I'm certain you'd rather see pictures than lots of boring text?


  1. Picture or no's always fun to read your post.

    I love the vintage patterns too. Very stylish!!! And weren't they so much cheaper....what happened?

  2. I agree with the previous post! While I love to see what you are doing, I also love to read about it!

  3. It’s challenging to post without photos!

  4. are you kidding? post anyway...although it is a bit harder.


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