Monday, April 7, 2008

Latest Thrifting Finds

I went thrifting over the weekend with the main objective of finding some vintage linens in the colour blue. No luck in that colour. I did find these lovely 100% cotton linens in yellow...

along with a stash of sewing notions.
You can imagine my surprise at finding this like-new book in the 25cent section.
I took it to the counter and asked the price. No, it was not 25 cents, it was actually $2. Still a good price but when the amounts were totalled the final tally was more cash than I had in my pocket (ahem, that was due to the fact that I had already shopped at two other thrift stores first and had already spent more than half of my allotted $15 for the days' worth of thrifting). I offerred to give less money than the amount asked for, explaining that it was all the cash I had on me. She said, "No". I said, "Keep the book then". She sighed, shrugged, then shoved the book across the counter to be put into my shopping bag along with my sewing purchases. Oh, how I love that thrift store! A book that I thought was 25cents went up to $2 and then ended up being free. Any questions as to why I love thrift store shopping?


  1. You are funny!...I love that little sheep ribbon...very cute.

  2. Ha!! You are too funny! Good finds though! I see another sheet quilt in your future!

  3. great finds! and I have no doubt to why you love thrifting.

  4. Great finds Katherine. I think I shall take an empty purse with me next time!

  5. Your bounties at the striftstores are so great!


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