Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scrap Work

It's probably obvious to those who know me that I love projects made from fabric scraps. Remember this quilt made from scraps? Funny thing is, I still had some pieces left over after making it.

I made a pillow cover with some of those scraps and still had pieces left.

The remaining bits were made into these blocks. I've had several ideas of what to make with them. Coasters. Sachets. A doll quilt. Perhaps another pillow cover. Hmmmm. Not sure yet what they will become. I am just enjoying their scrappy goodness at this point until the "great idea" strikes.
Scrap work is addictive for me (in a good way, I think ;o).


  1. dont you just feel virtuous using up every last skerrick of fabric?? it makes it easier to buy new stuffs when you know you are gonna use it all!!!!
    I think a doll quilt would be sweet, add some sashing, maybe some applique or yoyo's in a border??

    take care!


  2. Those scrappy blocks are so pretty. I love the coaster idea (I'm crazy for coasters!)

  3. Your scarp blocks look really effective. I am participating in a scrap swap and will be receiving my package of scraps soon. I like your idea of coasters and sachets. I may have to give them a try - see where the scarps lead me...

  4. Oh! It's all so pretty. I'm doing a scrappy log cabin quilt, but never thought of using the same color fabric on the last round. Your's look much better than mine. I'll try that next time, Thanks!

  5. I, too, am addicted to scrap work. in january when I didn't buy any new fabric (in hopes of diminishing my stash) I mainly worked with my scraps, and barely touched my stash at all.

    i love your log cabin blocks in the last photo. so bright and cheerful!

  6. Aaah, nothing says quilt like a scrap quilt. I just can't make any other kind. If it doesn't have hundreds of different pieces of fabric I get bored very quickly.

    Love the heart quilt!

    : )

  7. I love the hearts. I think coasters made out of the blocks would be a nice idea, especially with the warmer weather coming, you could use them outside on a patio table, they would look very summery. x

  8. Oh... those are all so pretty. I may have to go through my scraps and see what combinations I can come up with.

    I've decided that this Christmas is going to be another homemade Christmas, so I'm always looking for ideas for gifts.


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