Thursday, May 1, 2008

Taking a Walk

It's just a short walk from my house to reach this vantage point overlooking my neighbourhood. The sunshine today makes this view all the more enjoyable and a good reason to get out of the house!
Hope your day is filled with sunshine and good things.


  1. Thanks, Katherine! So do you

  2. Oh, wow! That is an amazing view! It's a little cloudy here today but I am taking advantage of it and heading to my sewing machine!

  3. What a lovely view! It's a cloudy and cool day with a fair amount of rain on the way ..... your sunshine looks so much better. Enjoy.

  4. what a gorgeous view! did you get your camera back yet?

  5. We had sunshine Katherine. I spent the afternoon in the garden pottering and I tidied out my sunroom to get it looking really nice for the summer ahead. What a vantage point, and a beautiful stretch of water. x


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