Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Caught up!

The piecing has been going well for me in the quilt along. I now have all the setting blocks stitched together and have caught up with the star blocks. Yay!
This is the block I've made for week #8...

and here's a look at all eight weeks of blocks, shown with the setting blocks (and empty spaces which are for the remaining star blocks coming up in the next few weeks).
I love having them laid out on the living room floor for me to look at. It is so motivating to see it grow, block by block. I guess I can't leave it like this though, as tempting as it is. I'm going to have make a design board to put my quilt blocks on so that I can enjoy works-in-progress and not worry about them being stepped on. ;o)


  1. It coming along nicely! I have a carpet design wall too.

  2. Your blocks are looking good! I'm really behind on mine! You've just motivated me right into finishing!

  3. It looks really fantastic! Great job.

    I have a similar design wall, but mine is wood... same idea, though! LOL

  4. Very nice, your setting blocks look good too! It is fun to see it grow.

  5. Katherine I have a carpet design wall too.. unfortunately for me, the quilt police (aka the furry critter) likes rolling on my carpet design wall and causes a huge kerfuffle and blocks have been known to stick to him after his 'critique'..

    PS the quilt is looking fabbo!

  6. Love your blocks and setting blocks! My design wall is a piece of molton and two coat-/pants-hangers... hung into two archive-boxes! Kind of a take-away design-wall!

  7. Oh my, that is looking beautiful Katherine! I think this winter we'll all be coming over to your house for tea and movies since you'll have enough quilts to keep us all cosy ;-)

  8. your quilt is fabulous! isn't it wonderful to see progres?

  9. Your blocks look marvelous!

    I haven't done week 8 yet and now week 9 is probably up. I'll have to remedy that situation.


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