Friday, June 20, 2008

Sometimes you just need to look at something old; in a new way,

like I did to make this tote. It's made from two pairs of secondhand jeans and a faded cotton tablecloth from the thrift store.
The body and straps of the bag were pieced from the legs of the jeans and a back pocket had to be cut from the jeans separately and then repositioned on my tote.
The only extra detail I allowed myself on this simple design was the peek of green ric rac under the pocket.
The muted colours of the floral print seemed perfect as the lining... and then I thought it would work to make this tote reversible and decidedly feminine.

I guess that means my sons won't offer to carry this tote home from the library once I've loaded it up with books. ;o)


  1. Hi, This is exactly the sort of inspiration I am looking for. I love the way you used the table cloth fabric there is still so much wear in things we throw out and can look so good in a different context. I recently rescued a rather heavy, old table cloth which everyone else thought was really daggy and hope to use it for my main shopping bag. I know that everyone will see how beautiful it is then. Thanks Cherrie

  2. oh, katherine, it's just perfect! I love that floral so much! you do such a great job at repurposing.

    (I thought of you today when I picked up 2 vintage sheets-full flat and queen flat-for 2 dollars! no blue, though.)

  3. Love the shape and style of this bag - its reversibility is such a great feature. Repurposed jeans are a great fabric choice - they are always so soft after multiple washes.

  4. Nice tote! Re-cycling is always a good action...

  5. Hi Kathrine,found your blog from Crazy Mom Quilts,I love your tote bag,great way to recycle and reuse fabrics and old clothes!
    Love from Kathy and the girls at meg's mum's muffins

  6. A reversible bag, how fantastic, and so pretty. I could just do with this today, I am basking in the sunshine which makes a nice change from all the doom and gloom we have been having over her in the UK. x

  7. I love this tote, and love the pocket with the ricrac!!!Such a great idea, and also recycling!

  8. It is a lovely bag! So practical and so pretty! The floral fabric is really neat!

  9. Hi, Katherine!!
    Your blog is a place online to visit very much, I love it: your bags, your ideas, etc.
    You are now in my blog list, ok? Thanks

    I,m sorry, my english is very bad.

  10. I love this bag especially since it is reversible!

    I come across some old floral drapery in my upstairs closet while cleaning the other day. This gives me an idea of what I can do with it.


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