Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Star Quilt along blocks for weeks 9 & 10

Despite the heatwave here, I've been diligently assembling my blocks for the Star Quilt along. It's so exciting seeing the quilt top come together and I'm staying with it, regardless of the melting temperatures!

Now look at the surprise I had waiting in my mailbox today...
A beautiful handmade fabric card AND a piece of that lovely cherry print fabric that inspired the colours I chose to use in the quilt along! This wonderful surprise came from the very generous and talented Amandajean. A huge thank you to her for making today extra, extra special!


  1. Love your blocks! And the fabric from Amandajean is yummy!
    I’m behind on schedule with all the quilt-a-alongs and all my to-do-lists. We have had kind of a heatwave here too. I woke up with the sound of heavy rain, I’m happy the temperatures will drop. I even left my spinning class at the fitnesss last night... way too hot!

  2. It seems strange to read about heatwaves at this time of year! We have been having a little bit of rain. Not enough. We have had less than half of our average. I love your blocks too. This is a very pretty post!!!

  3. I'm so glad that you like your fabric. :)

    your blocks look wonderful.

  4. The blocks do look wonderful! What a nice gift from AmandaJean! She's terrific.

  5. Wow, your blocks look really great! You're so lucky to get that card and fabric from Amandajean - she's so sweet! Thanks for the Happy 4th message on my blog! I hope you have a great weekend too!

  6. Love the pinwheel within the star. That was a lovely gift from Amandajean. Are you going to use the fabrics in the Quilt Along?

    What a great find you got in the underwear package. A true treasure.


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