Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week # 11 in Star Quilt along

Here's my version of the Amish Star block to add to my Star Quilt. This lovely red fabric came my way thanks to Samantha, a dear friend and "fabricaholic in training". She's catching on in the ways of creating a stash - she now haunts the markdown sections and remnant bins at the fabric stores. Lucky for me she decided to part with this find because it's the perfect shade of red for my quilt. Thanks, Samantha!


  1. Very pretty! Maybe I can get 10 and 11 done tomorrow!

  2. Your stars have the perfect colours! I can't wait and see your
    whole quilt!
    Samantha first quilt is lovely - I can't give up hope to make a quilt one day!

  3. Love your block! Your quilt will be amazing!
    I have to catch up.. 8, 9, 10 and 11!

  4. the only thing better than having a fabric addiction is sharing it with a friend! I love this star in the fabrics you used. it's fabulous.

  5. Your quilts are wonderful. Especially those - how do you call them - scrappy quilts!
    I completly understand your weekness for vintage bedsheets...:) Unfortunately they are so hard to find here in Germany. But that doesn't keep a genuine fab-ad from stashing..>;->
    GLG Eva

  6. Your star quilt is going to be amazing! Love the colors.

  7. I like that term "fabricaholic in training." I will have to remember that one. Guess I would be considered an old pro by now. SIGH!

    Lucky thing she gave up the fabric as it works perfectly in that darling star.

  8. Check out my blog, please :))


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