Monday, July 21, 2008

Week #13

Here's my final star block for the quilt along! (Sorry for the fuzzy photo - bright red seems to be tough for me to get a clear shot of...)

Many thanks to Amandajean for leading the way in another fabulous quilt along. I can't wait to finish this quilt and look forward to seeing what the other participants' quilts will look like.


  1. I have problems with red too!
    I love to see this quilt finished, good luck!

  2. Red is the most difficult colour in graphic design and printing too.
    It absorbs all the light. When you make a black and white photocopy of red, you will see it translates into black.

    Great block 13!! You are sooo speedy!
    I’m working on the last two and the sashing and setting blocks and 6 weeks of DBJ blocks...

  3. All the blocks look great! It will be great to see them finished together!

  4. Nice job on 13. I'm still back on 10. It'll be fun to see the tops come together.

  5. this block looks so good in red and aqua! I'm looking forward to seeing some completed quilts, too.

  6. wow, your piecing is so perfect! great job!


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