Monday, September 8, 2008

In one corner...

of our living/bedroom area I set one of our kitchen chairs and a bedside lamp along with the sewing table that belonged to my great grandmother.

This is the creative space I've set aside for myself in our unsettled housing situation. I've missed being creative since we've moved and I needed to get back to stitching on my embroidered tablecloth.
I've completed half of the embroidered design to date.
My fingers are 'itching' to get back to my quilt and other sewing projects, but for the time being, I shall have to appease my creative appetites with smaller, portable projects like my tablecloth. Once we have made our housing decision and settled in, I will be very glad to get my machine set up and back in action. Although, I'm pretty tempted to set up a makeshift sewing area sooner. Afterall, there is another empty corner in our temporary bedroom....


  1. Good to hear you found some time and space to craft!

  2. Ggod grief! HAve just caught up on the 'Edith adventures' and were I you, I would crawl inside my happy crafting place and not emerge for weeks!

  3. I can imagine how it "itches" to quilt! But it is good that you can stitch a little bit, that is better than only unpacking and arranging things!

  4. goo luck finding a home! Great job on the table cloth... I don't think I would get that far myself!

  5. i'd be chomping at the bit to get sewing too! hope you are all settled soon.

    your tablecloth is looking wonderful.

  6. I'm glad you carved out a little niche for yourself :)


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