Thursday, September 11, 2008

Making me smile...

Can you listen to these songs and not be happy? I'm glad I stumbled onto this video clip this morning. I managed to see this movie with girlfriends at the theatre before I moved away from them. Now when I hear ABBA songs I think of my friends.

I needed a bit of a boost to start today. I'm still house hunting. I'm trying to be patient about it all and remain hopeful. I had hoped we'd be settled before now. Especially with my youngest son's birthday just days away. Anyways, I guess I should go dig my ABBA CD out of one of the boxes and maybe I can keep up the positive energy seeing this video gave me this morning.;o)


  1. Here's hoping that you find a place really soon to get settled. And, in the meantime...

    I'll sing along with you - you Super Trooper you!! (you really have had to be a trooper to deal with Edith) :-) You know we are thinking of you.

  2. I have the soundtrack and it is my 3 yr olds number one request...Mamma Mia. She even knows most of the words. Too young for the movie I think but most of the sound track is just right for her!

  3. I actually saw that movie in the theater with a friend a few weeks ago and boy did we laugh!!!

  4. Music is a way we can cheer up and get going. I use music when I am down too! Hope you find that house soon.!

  5. I really hope you find a wonderful place to make you and your family a real home. That’s very important when you move to a complete new place!

    No day without music for me!

  6. I saw the movie with my mom and sister a few weeks ago and loved the music.

    Good luck with house hunting.

  7. I've just seen the movie last Saturday! I've never seen a movie while people sang alltogether!
    You must see it again!
    I hope your troubles with Edith are ending!

  8. Good luck on the hunt for a new home. Music is such a mood changer for me. Singing (really badly) with music I love can always cheer me up!

  9. How's the house hunting going? Hope it's all getting sorted out for you!


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