Friday, September 26, 2008

Thanking My Stars... of Friendship Quilt

My version of the star quilt from Amandajean's last quilt a long...

which I am calling the "Stars of Friendship" quilt, in honour of my friend, Amandajean. Sometime ago, I mentioned that I loved the cherry print fabric she used in one of her many beautiful quilts. That fabric inspired my colour choices for my star quilt. I fell in love with the red and aqua combination! Now, you can imagine my surprise to receive some of this very fabric from Amandajean in my mailbox one morning.
It looks perfect as the binding on my quilt! I was so excited to have this beautiful print to use.
My quilt story doesn't end there, though. Moving delayed my finishing this quilt. Then, I couldn't find my iron! I searched and searched through my packing list. For some unknown reason I never recorded the iron in my itemized box list. Gah!

I ended up searching through many, many boxes to find it ( I was getting more and more exasperated the longer I looked). Finally, I found it - I was starting to think it had been left behind in our move. Upon finding it, I was set to finish binding my quilt. Somehow though, in my rush to bind the quilt, I miscalculated how much I would need. Genius that I am, I ran out of the cherry print - several inches short! So began my late nite online search for the print. Fruitless! I could only find this print in different colourways from the aqua that I need. sigh...

I was considering removing the cherry print and replacing it with something else. Then I emailed Amandajean and she saved the day (or my quilt!) and is sending me more of this delightful fabric so I can finish.
Yeah, I know. She's amazing. How lucky can I be to have such a understanding and generous friend? Seems the least I can do is name my quilt in her honour. Many, many thanks, Amandajean!


  1. This is absolutly one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen, Katherine!!! So, so amazing in colours and shape!

    One day I will have to try quilting out, and when that day comes, I will definitely have the same colours as yours in mind.
    So wonderful... :0))

  2. You did such a beautiful job Katherine! I am sure Amandajean is honored to have you name your quilt after her. She is one awesome lady.

  3. YOu must be SO GLAD to see that quilt finally come together, with all those little hiccups along the way. It really is spectacular.

  4. It turned out beautifully Katherine!! So glad you were able to get the extra piece of fabric you needed to finish it off. That cherry print is gorgeous.

  5. Great job. The colors are so very soft. I enlarged the photo to get a better look at the cherry fabric and it's a beauty all right. Looks like you have a great quilting friend out there as well.

  6. Hurray for great blogfriends and your friendship star quilt!! The cherry fabrics is lovely and completes the quilt beautifully!
    I am admiring you for finishing the quilt while so much is happening in your life!!

  7. thanks katherine for your super sweet words. you are too kind. your quilt is absolutely fabulous. the colors are wonderful. the blue polka dot fabric is one of my favorite fabrics of all time (as is the cherry print, of course). I'm happy to aid in finishing of such a fantastic quilt.

  8. Awesome quilt, awesome pattern, awesome fabric and color and super awesome bloggy friend! Love it!

  9. this turned out beautifully and you are so right...amandajean is one special lady!

  10. Your quilt is just gorgeous! I love those colors. And by the way, I'm loving your embroidery on the tablecloth too!

  11. The quilt really look awesome! You did a good quilting job! Such refreshing colours, I love the cherry fabric! You are very lucky to have Amandajean as a friend!
    "Happy is the heart
    that holds a friend"

  12. Your quilt turned out beautifully. How lucky to have been able to get the additional fabric for the binding. I am sure that it must have been devastating to get it done to the end and then realize it was short.

    Like you, I have been saving my selvages since seeing a great quilt done in them in one of my quilting magazines. What a novel idea!


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