Monday, November 24, 2008

My Creative Corner

I was drafting some patterns of my own this weekend and did manage to sew up some gifts too, but since I can't show those to you, would you like to see what my sewing corner looks like?

Notice the large teal tubs under the table? There's actually more of them than shown here. These particular tubs hold my quilting fabric stash and my collection of vintage sheets. The tub in the foreground (with an in progress work stacked on top of it...) holds the thrifted sweaters I've felted for projects. The other storage tubs (not shown) hold things like my yarn and other needlework materials; collected worn out jeans for projects; plaid shirts for another quilt and then there's a tub full of novelty fabrics, like plush for making stuffies.

My space may be limited, but I've managed to load the area with lots of my sewing necessities. Luckily, the window ledges in Edith are ample enough to stack items like books and even some of my clear plastic bins containing my fabric scraps (organized by size) . If you look really close at the stack of pink lidded containers, you may even notice that I also have a portable dvd player with two movies resting on top of it (Pride & Prejudice and Mansfield Park - I love Jane Austen stories and it's a treat to watch the movie versions). During the day, all the natural light in this corner makes it a wonderful spot for sewing. I confess that in the evening, I'm just as happy to stitch away, especially with one of the aforementioned movies playing. Mr. Darcy seems to help me sew. ;o)


  1. Hi, Thanks for the peek at your creative corner. You can feel the creative energy.

    What really caught my eye was your comment about enjoying Jane Austen movies, esp. Mr. Darcy, while you stitch. What a pleasant way to spend an evening...combining two favourites!

    I love Jane Austen movies too. Recently watched BBC's Persuasion with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds. Had a hard time finding the DVD for it.

  2. Mr. Darcy helps everything!!! ;-)

    Glad to see you're all set up. I just dug out my stash of wool sweaters for felting. I want to make some into shopping totes for gifts but am having a hard time deciding which ones to use for that as I really did have them all earmarked for a felted wool quilt(for my family). I went to two thrift stores today and not a single wool sweater was to be found. It seems maybe someone else is making things with felted sweaters around here.

  3. P.S - The Persuasion that I liked so much is the newer one with Rupert Penry-Jones. Well worth watching. Methinks Captain Wentworth would help you with your sewing too. ;-)

  4. Heather, Thanks for the tip the newer version. I chuckled when you say that Captain Wentworth would help with the sewing!

  5. Brenda - the library is a great resource for Jane Austen movies. Since moving here I've gone through all of them... at least once. ;o) You can find the version of Persuasion that Heather suggested there.

    Heather - Persuasian with Rupert Penry-Jones is a good one! I will admit that Captain Wentworth has spent some time in my sewing corner along with Mr. Darcy. ;o)

  6. Oh! Mr Darcy!I'm not so sure if he would help me to sew...without injuring my fingers :)

  7. Hi,

    Thanks Katherine for the library tip....yes I've rented most of them from there too. I wanted to own a copy of Persuasion as I didn't have any of that particular one.

    I'm for sure going to look for the other version with Rupert what's his name....thanks for the tip.

  8. I love Mr Darcy! I remember when the BBC series first came out in the 90's my husband bought it for me one evening. When we got home I put it on. It was late so I thought I would watch some and finish watching it the next day. When I went to turn it off my husband protested. He wanted to know what was going to happen! So we sat up till 3am watching it!

  9. it's fun to see your sewing corner! the natural light is fabulous in your space...I wish i had a little bit more of that in my own space.


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