Monday, November 3, 2008

Pieces of Fall Organizer...

I found this idea in Susan Briscoe's book, 21 Sensational Patchwork Bags. It's called a Quilter's Pocketbook and this is my version. I used fabrics I mentioned in an earlier post along with bits from my thrifted stash. Here's the front of the organizer... and this is a shot of the patchwork pieces used to make the front and back covers.
Next is a picture of the back of the organizer which shows one of the adjustments I made to the original design. I will warn you that the directions in the book were not well laid out. There were steps missing and some measurements that didn't make sense. As great as the idea of this design is, I think that the book has some editing errors making the directions vague in places. After I could not understand what the author intended, I did my own thing with this design.

When you open up the pocketbook, you will find plenty of pockets to hold essential items for keeping you organized. Places to put a notebook, pen, calculator and snips of fabric if you wish.

This organizer will be useful when I'm out at the fabric store as it will keep track of my notes and measurements of projects that I want to make. That should help with purchasing supplies!

I love practical projects that start out with bits and pieces of pretty fabric like this...
and the results give you something lovely and useful, like this.


  1. What a beautiful organizer! I've seen the book before, but to my shame, I never really looked what was inside!!! Thanks!

  2. You clever girl! It looks very pretty!

  3. Very, very pretty and useful, Katherine!
    It seems very labourious, but is very beautiful.
    And so many beautiful fabrics you have!

  4. Its a beautiful organiser.. I need one if it'll help with getting my stuff together! LOL
    I get annoyed when patterns aren't right.. grrr..

  5. Love your pocketbook Katherine! But I doubt that you would ever need any assistance purchasing fabric! You're a quilter! We quilters can buy fabric in our sleep!

  6. What a gorgeous and practical project! Love all the handy pockets and sections.

  7. it's so cute! when I sew, i like to use a pattern as just a guideline anyway. I get the measurements and then go to town. although once in awhile that does backfire.

  8. You are all inspiring me to keep my little scraps rather than throw them out. Thankyou and I love your colours and the finished work too. Cherrie

  9. I have that book too and love it :) Your organiser is beautiful. I think I need to dig that book out again


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