Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Change the fabric ...

and you change the look of this simple bag. I thought this fabric combination looked more "wintrier" than the obvious spring look I had with my previous versions.
The two other changes to my bag design included self made piping and pull tabs at each end of the zipper placket. I think the only detail left to finish on this present, is to make a decorative tie for the zipper pull.

There is so much potential to play with details on this design - but this time I wanted to feature the fabric of this pretty fat quarter (don't you love projects that use a small amount of materials and give big results?). I know the recipent of this bag isn't a blog follower, so I decided I was safe in sharing this project with you. ;o)
Hope you're all making good progress with your handmade gift lists! Happy crafting.


  1. The fabrics are lovely, so are the bags. And, as you say, the second one does look more wintry...

  2. the piping gives it such a professional look! I love seeing how a project looks different just by changing the fabric. you did such a great job!!

  3. The details on your projects are amazing Katherine! I've never tried piping, but it certainly gives it a very professional look. Nice job!

  4. Beautiful bag, Katherine!
    It does look completely different from the spring version.

    I love how the piping outlines the pretty shape, too.
    Kimberly :)

  5. Nice bag Katherine! Gosh, it does look different. I love things made from fat quarters or charm squares. So much bang for your buck!

  6. You always make me feel a strong will to copy you!!!as if I could...
    That piping is perfect I can not even imagine how it is done, so I have to give up copying you :)
    BUT this evening I'll try to make four, I said four, pounches like yours for gifts: to my two sisters, one sister-in-law and my daghter's mother-in-law - I'll show them- if all runs well - because none of them read my blog for these days.

  7. the piping makes the bag so wonderful...love that!


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