Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Start Small

I've been wanting to try zig zag patchwork using strips for soooooo long . So, here is my first attempt. I finally decided that if I try a small project I could not only gratify my want, but have a chance to see if my idea would work without worrying about a possible large scale "test project" disaster...

It's ready to be machine quilted but I couldn't wait until after finishing it to show you.
I am glad I started with a small project for this kind of patchwork. I did learn some lessons along the way. Happily, I can honestly say I am not done zig-zagging! Stay tuned....


  1. It looks great. You should do a tutoral on it.
    Take care.

  2. I spy Strawberry Shortcake! Love it! Looks good so far- can't wait to see your finished product!

  3. Very impressive - hope you will share the details ...?

  4. What wonderful patchwork, care to share how this was done? I liked your bag in the previous posting as well, very neat!!
    Happy days.

  5. it looks great! I, too, am curious of how you constructed this.

  6. That's gorgeous Katherine!
    Can't wait to see it finished :-)

  7. I see you will have an other tutorial soon... (don't forget the zipper for next year....:))

    (it's done! please go and see the result. i'm happy! thanks for evreything, dear Katherine!)


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