Friday, January 23, 2009

Knitting up a storm...

and to prove it, here's a glimpse at the creative chaos in my knitting corner from this week...

I have one sock for myself off the needles but before casting on for the next sock, I found myself wanting to try something a bit smaller first. I blame my little knitting detour on the library, actually. All those wonderful knitting books filled with interesting projects. One such project required the needles I use for socks and well, I just couldn't resist. I promise to get right back to my sock as soon as I get the new small project off those needles. Honest.


  1. I started knitting some weeks ago and I can totally understand what you mean :)
    your knitting corner looks very good though, creative chaos rules!

  2. i love this photo. i can so relate. :) i have so darn many projects that i want to finish...just not enough time in the day!!!


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