Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gauntlets for the Artist

My youngest son has a passion for drawing and has been suffering for his art this winter. Unbelievably cold hands. Fingerless gloves or gauntlets, seemed like a reasonable solution.

Being determined to use up yarn in my stash, the pair of gauntlets match...up to a point. ;o) The fact they are scrappy looking though, doesn't bother my son. His hands are warm and I received a request from our other artist in residence for a pair of his own. Yay! Another chance for me to dive into my yarn stash. You can be assured that the next pair will be oddball ones as well. hee hee
In case you're interested, this is my stack of knitting inspiration at the moment.


  1. Love the mismatched gloves! Looks like a great stack of inspiration... Can't wait to see what you make! I, myself am on a sewing craze!

  2. Those look nice and cozy. THanks for the book titles. I've just put them on hold at our library. I could do with some stash busting too. ;-)

  3. all those books make me want to get to the library and check some out! I need some sewing inspiration right now- Ihave a list a mile long!

  4. Those are so wonderful Katherine! And that's a great stack of books, much inspiration.

  5. how fun! way to use your yarn ends! isn't that wonderful when your kids appreciate what you make?


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