Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stalled Project back on track...

It seemed like a great idea when I started this project, months and months ago. Then I got stuck. I couldn't seem to make my idea come together as I had envisioned it, so this project has been languishing in the "incomplete and don't know yet how to finish it" bin. Forgotten.
Until a couple of nights ago, when I woke up and had the answer to solve the project problem. Finally.
With a bit more work, I will have it finished and ready to share in its completeness. What a relief.
Does anyone else have a place where they shelve projects that stall out? Or am I the only crafter that has the equivalent of "purgatory" for projects that stump me, but I can't quite abandon completely? ;o)


  1. I have a bin for them :-) You're not alone :-)

  2. nope no bin or shelf...I just hide mine in with the projects that are currently being worked on- you know hide them so I dont have them starring me in the face with all of their incompletness. Although if I did separate them I might get back to working on them

  3. Nope, you are the only one that has unfinished projects due to lack of inspiration. ha ha NOT!

  4. purgartory for projects! ha ha ha!!! that's so good that i could label that on the side of a basket or bin.

    i have my projects stashed here and there around my craft room. i don't keep them stacked all together-i don't want to scare myself. hee hee.


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