Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doll Swap

A little while back I posted about the Matroyoshka doll sewing spree I was on. That post prompted a request from Suzie wondering if I'd be interested in a doll swap. Boy, am I glad I said "Yes!" Look what I received...

two beautiful dolls made by Suzie's talented hands and even more treats! Ladybugs (chocolates - extra special because they mean 'good luck'), a delicious herbal tea, more lovely chocolates and some beautiful fabric and a sweet card... all the way from Germany. Wow. Thank you very much Suzie!


  1. :)
    yes, i think i'm back slowly as i said!

    You have been making such beautiful things, Katherine!

    and you deserve all those sweets and more and more :)

  2. You are so welcome Katherine!

  3. Suzie makes the most wonderful things. Love those babushka’s!

    How is my Canadian friend doing? And how are you coping with Edith?

  4. They are so lovely. Just right. You are very lucky to have them at your house.

  5. those are so cute!!! what a great swap!

  6. What lovely goodies!! It always brightens your day to receive such lovely mail.

  7. What a lovely bunch of gifts! Swaps are so much fun!!


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