Friday, March 6, 2009

Sunshine and bluebirds

seem to go together in my mind. Nature has supplied my day with the sunshine, but I had to provide the bluebirds. ;o)

Our old house, Edith, did come with birds of her own. Pigeons.
Those birds aren't so popular with us as they continually manage to make a lovely mess on the walkway to our front door.
They haven't taken our hints to move on. I guess to them, we're the interlopers. Afterall, Edith was their house before we moved in.
***Just to clarify, the pigeons have not and do not live inside Edith. They lay claim to a ledge above a jutting window frame on the second story.***

If only they were quiet and tidy birds like these bluebirds. ;o)


  1. Love your bluebirds.

    Pigeons living in Edith.. OMG, they provide for such a mess!

  2. The birds look just the part hanging at the window. Really lovely. x

  3. how lovely and peaceful that little area looks! I dont think any other color would be the same! So pretty...I need to do some fun sewing like this!

  4. You hit the jackpot with selvedges, too. Aren't they great? I'm so into them now.

    I like your French doors, too.

  5. Ahh..... Blue birds of happiness! Everyone needs some of them.

  6. they're are your photos.

  7. Such pretty little birds. I love how you have them hanging in the window.

  8. I love your little blue bird. How clever to use a eye for a hanger.

  9. Those are so lovely Katherine! And I also adore how you used an eye for the hanger.

  10. I adore those sweet tweets :)


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