Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The flowers of my labour

I was working for a couple of days this past week at a 'new to me' job. This was my initial foray back into the world of being an employee and this time it was for a floral shop. After my first day of work, I was given these pink pretties to take home (in large part because they were imperfects that were destined for the bin - lest you all think that flower shops dole out free flowers to all their employees ;o).
The end of day two on the job saw me receiving this gorgeous, sweet smelling hyacinth to add to my fresh bouquet. What a treat!
I'm not sure yet whether I have the job or not, but I will say that fresh flowers are a lovely 'perk' to enjoy.

With job hunting and the work 'trial run' (with all the prep and recovery time that seems to entail) taking up my days, I've only managed a little bit of sewing. Rather coincidentally, the materials I turned to are floral. Maybe work is affecting my creative leanings? ;o)
The above bags are sewn from a type vinyl that I received ages ago in a giveaway from Sonya . The vivid colours are just so cheery and I think the bags would be great for holding toiletries and/or cosmetics. Just that little bit of sewing helps me feed my need to create, but I'm certainly craving more. Good thing I have an endless list of projects to turn to satisfy the craving. LOL
Hope your day is filled with sunshine and flowers. :o)


  1. I love your floral bags! So bright and cheery. :)
    Ya know, I think if I had to get another job, I would want to be in a flower shop or garden center.
    Not that's its easy work, but being surrounded by flowers would surely put me in a better mood. LOL
    (sniff) I can almost smell the hiacynths from here.


  2. Well, that sounds like a fun job! Hope it works out. and take home flowers sound pretty good!!

  3. how fun to be able to bring home flowers! i hope that job works out. and the floral zip pouches are lovely! (i bet the fabric choices are influenced by your work. i find that i usually dress in the same color scheme that i am working on in my quilts.)

  4. The job sounds lovely and I hope it works out for you! I always enjoy to shop for flowers and love to see how they put together the bouquets.

    The zippered pouches are gorgeous!!

  5. THat's a pretty good perk! I'm sure there's scope to explore your creativity in a job like that - lots of colours and textures.... you'll be looking at floral fabrics with a completely different eye, too! Hope it works out for you!

  6. I'd be hopeless in a flower shop (permanent hay fever!) but I love to look at flowers. Hope the job works out for you!

  7. It must be Spring -- everything's coming up floral!

    I like your new job -- hope it's something that turns out good for you!

  8. i love the flowers and pouch too

  9. Lovely flowers! Imagine working in a chocolate shop and taking home the imperfects! Not sure if that would be a good thing or not??

  10. The bags are happy ones . Lucky you getting those lovely flowers.


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