Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring, Work and Pigeons

Good things have been happening here since I last posted. First, our weather has become spring like. Yay! Which means that my handmade ribbon flower wreath no longer looks out of place on our front door. ;o)

I have been looking forward to this new season, with its sunshine and warm days after too many cold days in old Edith this long winter. I was hoping that my wreath would help by adding some colour to greet us at the front door. Especially since I'm not sure that there's any flowers lurking in the beds in front of Edith.

To add to happy news around here, I did get the job at the flower/garden shop. You probably guessed as much since I have been absent from blogging recently. I work with some lovely people in a fairly relaxed environment with opportunities for creativity, which is a nice way for me to ease back into the work world. It's still early days for me, which means I've lots and lots to learn and it also means I'm making some lifestyle adjustments. Please bear with me, as I intend to keep sharing sewing projects etc. with you here.

My last bit of good news might sound a bit odd, but it's very happy news for this household. See that wind chime in the above photo? Well, that seems to be the solution for keeping those dirty, noisy and bothersome pigeons off our window ledge. The idea came to me over the weekend as I was once again awakened by their incessant cooing. The wind chime hangs right in front of the area they were trying to build another nest and so far, it has kept them away. I'm hoping we've seen (and heard) the last of these feathered pests. I would much sooner listen to the wind chime than that annoying cooing (there's nothing melodic about it - it's rather like the bird version of amorous moaning and groaning or "pigeon p*rn"as we refer to it. They get so loud that we have to pound our fist on the wall above the window to get them to stop and fly away.) Now you know what to do if our amorous pigeons relocate to your place. ;o) LOL


  1. Oooh, I love your wreath. I have made wreaths from hazel twigs from our garden but was stumped as to how to decorate them - your flowers would be just the ticket! Hope you don't mind if I have a go for our door.

  2. The wreath looks lovely. I received some fabric flowers from a friend and I think this is absolutely a wonderful way to put them to use!

    I hope you will flourish in your new and extra job!!

  3. Yahhh, you're back! A lovely wreath on your door! A bright spot on our yet-to-be-greened world in this part of the world.

    Good thin'ning about the windchimes.

    My mom has that concern with pigeons trying to roost on her condo balcony. She's not interested in finding cooing birds pooing all over her deck, so I will tell her about the windchimes! LOL... Brenda

  4. Ahh! So glad I do know you. When I read your title I 'got' the spring and work part, but wondered if you had lost your senses and were suddenly a pigeon fancier. They drive me insane! A tv garden guru here calls them, "rats with wings" - which is how I think of them! Windchimes, huh? Now, do the windchimes wake you up? Keep us informed!

  5. I hope everything keeps running fine in your new job, being surrounded by flowers must be neat! I like your windchimes!

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  7. Im crossing my fingers for you with your new job, the weather, the flower beds, and your wind chime solution!

  8. Well done on the new job!! We have a bird problem too - might have to try your wind chime solution!

  9. So good to see you are happy in your job!

    I love your wreath and that pincushion above!!!!!

  10. Lovely Spring wreath!!

    Love the windchime idea. Pidgeons are a pain - I've lived next door to them beofre (the neighbour used to FEED them every morning!).

    Enjoy the new job!

  11. congrats (again) on the job! the wreath looks lovely on your door. and i just had to laugh about the pigeon p*rn. :) what a wonderful solution to a bothersome problem.


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