Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Better Model

The first time I posted this apron, I didn't have the right model to let you see how it fit (my sewing chair was the best I could come up with at the time). Here I have the right model, one willing to wear the apron. The challenge was in getting her to hold still for photos! ;o)


  1. I still LOVE that cupcake fabric. And yes, now you do have the perfect model for your apron!

  2. How adorable .. both the apron and the little angel wearing it!

  3. i love the's soooo yummy..nice apron

  4. so darn cute! the action photos are very real to life. (says a momma of a 3 year old!)

  5. I must have missed this post...

    Such a sweet model ad that fabric is too cute!

  6. I just knew your blog, and I just loved it. Your model is wonderful, so cute.
    I loved all your works (I'm sorry, I don't have the right word for this).

  7. I owe you pictures of Zoe wearing her little apron! I have not forgotten! My poor house is just torn apart right now from the floor up! We will hopefully be done soon and I will get back to my life!!!!! I miss my day to day life!

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