Friday, June 5, 2009

In the know

Have you heard?...

We're looking for a new pad. We have to vacate Edith by the end of this month, so life continues to keep us hopping. ;o) Just thought I'd let you know, so you don't think I've disappeared if I'm not able to keep posting every week. I'm looking forward to a place where we can actually get unpacked and have a more settled household. I've lots to do between now and then, though. Top of the list is actually finding a place. Fingers crossed.


  1. My fingers are already crossed!
    Hope you finf a place soon

  2. hoping you find something wonderful and SOON!

  3. Oh, what a pain..... you know I'll be thinking of you.

  4. I know Edith had good and bad points so I guess a move was always on the cards. Hope you find something soon and somewhere where you can settle.

  5. Oh, you are going to be busy!
    I hope you're able to find a place you love.
    Maybe something with the same vintage charm as Edith, but with better "mechanics". :)

    Happy hunting!

  6. Best of luck on your home hunt Katherine. I hope it's an exciting, stress free experience for your family. I'll be crossing my fingers you find something perfect!

  7. Here's wishing you successful steps towards your peaceful and perfect new lily pad!

  8. i HOPE you'll find your space soon and this frog is cute..


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