Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Bliss

Thanks so much for all your lovely birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day celebrating. Chocolate was consumed (aren't you shocked! ;o) and I actually spent the afternoon sewing (another surprise!). For the sheer fun of it, I brought out these scraps and just started sewing them randomly together. At this point, I had dwindled down most of the tiny scraps and was incorporating larger ones into my freestyle project.
Here's what I accomplished: yardage made entirely from that pile of wonderful scraps.

My intention was to use the scraps as is, as much as possible, which meant I wasn't making a certain block style or pattern. I wanted to make a piece of patchwork yardage. Sewing freestyle patchwork is like magic. You just keeping adding on pieces and seeing something unique take shape.
Today, I've been measuring my "yardage" to see if my piece is large enough or if I need to add some more scraps to it. You see, I do have a project in mind - despite the random way I went about my patchwork.
I just love all these happy colours together! What a lovely way to enjoy my birthday.


  1. I hope it's not too late to add my own birthday wishes! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. It it be the beginning of many wonderful adventures for you!

    BTW, I am intrigued to watch what your mystery yardage will become. Pretty colours!

  2. Can't wait to see what you make of this. I would love to do this only I have been hand all my scraps onto a 14 year old who does patchwork dogs but this really looks like fun. Cherrie

  3. This looks very interesting! What a fun way to stretch your creativity a little. Can't wait to see what you make with it!

  4. Dear Katherine,

    A belated happy birthday to you..I hope that you had a wonderful day, and got to be birthday-spoiled all day long. :))

    You look so beautiful...and young. I wouldn't have guessed that you were 39. I would have thought you were in your late twenties.

    I always enjoy reading about your fantastic projects and your experiences in life. You have such a fine way of writing about it all.

    Have a nice Wednesday. :))

  5. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday. I love the scrap piece you are working on. I crazy quilt and it is magic sometimes what emerges from the peice. Can't wait to see what you decide to make with this. Love the colors

  6. ooooohhhh, the scraps are becoming a masterpiece! so fun! can't wait to see what it turns into:-)

  7. Hi Katherine! God bless you in this special day! I'm brasilian. In 1999 I went to Alberta. Your country is wonderful! I loved it! Come to my blog to visit me. I!d love.

  8. OHHHH I am sooooooo soryy to have missed your day! Happy belated birthday!!! It looks like it was well spent!

  9. what a great way to spend your birthday! :)

  10. I love your random patchwork idea, but mainly I just wanted to wish you a Belated "Happy Birthday".

    I also loved what you did with that tin. I just may have to try that.


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