Thursday, August 13, 2009

I accept rejects.

That is, I've accepted the plants rejected as "unsaleable" by the garden shop where I've been working. ;o) It started with this one damaged dahlia plant. The poor, sad, thing had been knocked around and was in miserable shape. I volunteered to take it home and look at my reward...

This is the first bloom of what promises to be many more on this now healthy beauty. Keeping with my waste not, want not tendencies, I salvaged this ceramic pot from a house slated for demolition (not Edith, in this case, but another house). The dahlia and pot were a great addition to the deck of our new digs. This is the only plant I had with me during our time living in Edith.
The next couple of photos show the little bit of garden I have in our new yard. It's just two small strips along the deck in the backyard. There wasn't much already planted, so I brought home more "rejects" from the garden shop to fill the areas in.
I brought home worn out looking annuals and some not-so-pretty perennials. All for free. Yes, the plants were a motley and raggedy looking bunch with a varied colour scheme, but I don't mind one bit.

The "rejects" seem to be thriving and I couldn't be happier. I'm keeping an eye out for any more candidates that are deemed too ugly to sell. ;o)


  1. Lucky flower that it was saved by you, to get your care and love. You must deinitely have "green fingers" as we say in Denmark. Do you know that expression?

    I have always wanted to try having Dahlias in my garden, but somehow I haven't gotten around it yet.

    Have a lovely weekend, Katherine. :))

  2. Well, they don't look too shabby now, do they? Good on you for giving them a second chance and not judging them on first appearances. What rich rewards you'll reap!!

    Lovely to hear from you again in blogland. Hope life is good...?

  3. you have a little plant reject magic! my local nursery had all their plants 50cents each this week...not much left...lots of rejects, but i think with a little tender loving care i can help them thrive. send a little of that magic my way!

  4. wow, you do great things with your plants. the opposite thing usually happens to me. i bring home pretty plants and then they become scraggly looking before i know it. but i keep trying. :)

  5. Ahhhhh.... not only do you have a heart for beauty, but for kindness too! What a reward for loving this little dahlia back to life!


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