Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Decision made

I'm just giddy over the dotty fabric I found to use as binding for my latest quilt. I heart dots. I think it's perfect

to frame the whimsical wavy quilting lines I'm machine stitching my quilt with.
Lots and lots of dots with wavy lines. sigh.
The combination is making me smile and ever so eager to finish!


  1. Lovely!
    I also heart dots. But here it's difficult to find them in good colors, don't know why...

  2. I 'heart' dots too! And you are going to have fun with the wonderful fabric!!

    BTW, I've got a chocolate zucchini cake baking in the oven as I type.... I grated several bags of zucchini for the freezer earlier today). Does that count in the world of creative homemaking (since knitting and canning aren't really up my alley)?

  3. I do too. They are so much FUN!
    It certainly will be perfect.

  4. I was just involved recently in a polkadot swap, it was so much fun so I hear what you are saying when you talk about loving dots!

  5. No quilting girl can resist dots!

    Happy weekend!

  6. OH MY! I simply adore this color combo! you do it so well too! And really? Polka dots! Nothing says "happy" better than dots!

  7. i heart dots, too! i'm glad that you found the perfect binding for the beautiful quilt. good for you! (i had some i was going to send you for binding, but i am soooooooo bad at getting to everything i WANT to do. too much going on.)

  8. I love these fabrics. Your quilt is so fun.

  9. I love everything dotted too!!! :) Amazing blog! :)))
    I invite you to see my too: (you have there handmade gifts ideas series, meybe you will try something to sew :)
    Kisses! :)


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