Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weird is a good thing

apparently (see how empty this baking pan is?). What's so weird you ask? This is a recipe for orange/blueberry muffins and as you can see, my muffins are square. Square muffins are weird, right? Okay, maybe not too weird, but is it weird to include tahini in muffins? Yeah, tahini (sesame seed butter). My family is used to or resigned to me adding things like this to ordinary recipes. I'm always substituting and tweaking recipes. It's no longer strange to them. Actually, they have stopped asking what I put in - they just go by taste. Weird is normal around here and in our case, it's a good (healthy) thing. ;o)


  1. Well thankfully my husband would agree with you that "weird is good", he lives with (and loves) me...and it doesn't get much weirder than that. ;-)

    I think your boys must just realize that everything you make is delicious, even square muffins. Didn't Huey Lewis have a song called It's Hip to be Square? Maybe your muffins are hip? ;-)
    did you lose your muffin tins in the move? ;-)

  2. you're too funny! A gal named Rondell left me a comment on my food blog about why people want to 'mess' up a perfectly good cake with vegetables in them?

    Maybe it's so we can call them 'healthy'?

    square or round... sounds good to me!

  3. Love to see others trying new things - my cooking is 'by the book' as I don't have that kind of imagination. The 'muffins' look delicious, and I'm sure they are.

  4. cute post. i like the idea of square muffins. i always make such a mess out of the muffin tins, dripping batter everywhere. this way would be much much easier.


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