Monday, November 2, 2009

Changing my mind

I seem to be falling behind when it comes to finishing projects, sometimes because I change my mind midway into a project. You know how it is, you think that certain fabrics are going to look great together and then... well, you think, maybe not. Here's my latest case in point. The leafy print border on this patchwork project just falls flat somehow.

It didn't add the right amount of "zip", so I'm thinking I will change it out for this fabric border instead.
Do you see what I'm seeing? Doesn't the brighter strip on the right look more lively with the patchwork as compared to my first choice ( the leafy print strip on the bottom)? I'm breaking out the seam ripper to redo things.

Here's to faster finishes - despite me changing my mind!


  1. Browns never used to grab my attention, but of late, partly because browns are so popular in home decorating colour schemes, I've grown to appreciate the beauty and warmth of browns.

    And your project just proves it. Will you show us the finished project?

    How are things at the flower shop?

  2. Looks like you're feeling very Autumn-ish. Gorgeous colours.

  3. Ooo, I like them both! But you have to go with what you love the best - either way it will be gorgeous!

  4. I agree, the second option adds a little more "pop." Good luck with the project. Looks warm and 'fallish'!

  5. Both choices are gorgeous but if you can stand to switch them over,I think you're right about the second one.

  6. i like the second fabric better. can't wait to see the finished project

  7. Well, it's good to have you back!!!
    I was wondering if you would be sick again!
    Here cold is arriving and flu spreading... and I notice many blogfriends are getting sick :(

    Your fabric choice is brillant as usual - and I agree with you the second looks best.


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