Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In my neck of the woods...

we've had computer troubles lately (to explain my most recent disappearance here) and a few project finishes. It's not like I can brag about my finishes as it seems that my gift making list continues to grow, so I need to pick up the pace to get it all done!
This stuffie is part of a baby gift I can almost cross off my list. Through my years sewing I've made up many different critters as stuffies, but this is the first giraffe I've tackled.

It was the fabric that first had me thinking about making a giraffe. Then I happened upon a vintage pattern to make this lovely fellow, but I have to admit, I'm not so keen to make another like him. At least not without making some pattern adjustments to make the process easier. I've sewn lots of stuffies through the years including some in the miniature scale , but none were as tricky to sew as this guy.
The most fun in making this? The mane and the tail! I didn't appreciate the "y" seams (due to the small scale), the itty-bitty circles for the hooves or the "too many" pieces that comprise the underbelly. I figured it all out - but it wasn't quick and it wasn't easy. This perfectionist did her fair share of slow stitching, a bit of picking out stitches and even resorted to hand basting pieces. Fun.

This guy is just proof that I'm willing to try sewing just about anything. Once. He's done. Enough said.


  1. It's great, Katherine!
    Your eyes see things we can't see :)

  2. Cute and lovely. Simply parfect.

  3. CLever girl! He's gorgeous! Sounds a bit of a nightmare in the construction process - good on you for sticking with it.

    word verification here is "logic". Not often I get a real word and I wish I could say something witty about it. Too early in the morning and not enough coffee for wit...

  4. He looks adorable Katherine!

    I hope you get your other projects done and enjoy the process better!

    I hope you’re doing fine Katherine!

  5. Ooh, he's so cute! Too bad about the pattern though...I'm sure you could create one that is much better! ;)

  6. Wow! I love him! I will say I love all of your projects, particularly your hats, but as a toy maker myself this guy caught my eye. Would you mind sharing the name and number of the pattern? Just in case I can track it down someday. :) Thanks!!


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