Thursday, November 12, 2009

Notice a theme?

Or two? LOL
This is my latest stack of inspiration from the library. Some titles are new to me and some are like old friends. It doesn't matter how busy life gets around here, I always have wonderful books on hand, like these. That way, when I don't have time to do any creating of my own, I can enjoy seeing what others have made.

I can't tell you how thankful I am for good books. Where do you go for inspiration or for a "creattive fix" ?


  1. i have some of those out right now too! i'm loving Green Sewing and the Fleece one! so much inspiration in there - and thank goodness for the library!

  2. Books, certainly - but to be honest, lots of blogs too!

  3. I love your stack of book titles. Look interesting and fun! And like you, if I don't have time or inclination to create myself, I get as much pleasure from the artwork and creativity of others.

    So.... enjoy!!!

  4. And good books from the library make me even happier. I just had Weekend Sewing out from the library too. Was quite sad to have to take it back (someone else had it on order) and stood at the return counter flicking through for one last bit of inspiration.

  5. hehhe.. a lot of books yeaa... but mine. instead of glancing tru a books... i do love blog hoping... hheehhee.. see the creative to be as good as the one....

  6. Ooh, looks like fun...makes me want to grab a cup of coffee and tell you to scoot over on the couch so I can sit next to you! :)

  7. For inspiration I view archives of favorite sewing & quilting blogs, seeing what they posted when they were just getting started.

  8. I have most of those books too... in my own little...ahem... library. I justify it all as a business resource, of course, but basically I love books.

  9. Wow! Your library has a great selection of craft books!

    I just checked out Amy Carol's new book and another one about sewing totebags (can't remember the title). I would like to try a bag with a front flap, something I have never tried.

  10. The library just down the street from me has a wonderful craft and sewing selection.
    Although, I don't think I've seen that "Handmade Home" one before. Must look for that next time. ;)
    I also have a couple of vintage sewing books from the 60-70's that have some different project ideas in them.

    Happy sewing!
    Kimberly :-)

  11. Today I came back home from the country and found you have great books - I have some (not like yours) but have more magazines, some old ones...they are cheaper :)

    Hope you are well!


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