Monday, November 30, 2009

The right light

can make all the difference - as any crafter/sewing enthusiast knows. My current crafting space is very short on natural lighting and so I have been facing some challenges, especially when I'm sewing after dark (which these days is pretty much any time of the day... ;o) My search for better lighting led me to purchase a lamp that simulates "natural lighting". Want to see what I'm so happy about? Here's some Kaffe Fassett fabric shown under 150 watt incandescent lighting...
and here's the same fabric shown under a 20watt bulb that is considered high definition lighting...
Pretty amazing isn't it? I'm so excited to have this new light for my workspace. I bought my new Ott lite at Michaels on sale for 50% off. Now I'm more confident that no matter what time of the day I'm stitching in, I'll be colour matching with greater accuracy and I should also be able to take better photos of the finished projects. Now that's something to cheer about!


  1. Kaffe Fasset.... ohhhhh.... I've loved his stuff for years. Lovely of you to share with us your bounty!

  2. I adore my 'daylight' lamp - it drives my husband mad when he's trying to watch TV next to me but it has made such a difference to my evening sewing!

  3. Oh - that's EXACTLY what I've become obsessed with lately. I WANT A DAYLIGHT LAMP..... I ordered one last week from one of my suppliers and they were out of stock - very disappointing!

  4. Oh! That's it!!! I need one day light lamp like yours for long. Unhappily we can't find it here and shipping is too expensive... :(
    It makes all the difference!

  5. Such a huge difference! That would be so useful for pictures. I made a teal apron last night and no matter what I tried all the pictures came out regular blue instead of teal.

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