Friday, January 29, 2010

Mad Plaid Newsboy

This is my first attempt at making a newsboy styled cap. I decided to use a men's shirt (they're made from the most interesting plaid fabrics) paired with a medium weight denim for the band.

Do you remember the fusible interfacing that was too stiff for the bag I wanted to make? Turns out it is the perfect interfacing to use for cap brims!

I sew a lining into each of my hats to give them a nice finish and for a bit of interest I usually use a print fabric. This hat has a tiny floral print for its lining - so this is a definitely a girl's newsboy cap. :o)


  1. Very Cute! I am telling you- hats really look good on you! You are definitly a hat girl! Me- I am working on the idea still!

  2. So cute Katherine!! Glad you are back, broken computers are no fun. I've been MIA from blogland for a while too. It's hard to get back in the groove now!

  3. Lovely Katherine!Better and better!
    It suits you. Really!

    Have you noticed my blog change??

  4. Hey, you've got another one under your hat.... hats off to you!


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