Thursday, January 28, 2010

What happened?

I ended up with an unplanned for blog break thanks to the crashing of our computer. I lost all my lovely links to many blogs and sadly, all my email addresses. Wah.... Not happy news. Please bear with me as I try to catch up and reconnect with you all.

The good news is that I am now on a up to date system. Wahoo! Also, I have a bit of sewing to share. Here's proof that when I finally cut into my extra special hoarded fabrics I will make something that I truly love. Have I mentioned how much I love wristlets? I find them so handy and a fun project for combining fabrics. I used mostly Amy Butler fabrics in the latest one - with a bit of freehand machine applique on the front.

A layer of quilt batting makes the appliqued leaf shape look puffy. On the flip side, I added a piece of vintage ric rac to tie those stripes and paisleys together.
A close up of my machine applique. I really wanted to let go of my usual style of applique and make this one more organic looking. I can say my "neat freak" tendencies almost made me reach for the seam ripper to redo this. I mean, look at the wobbly looking stitch lines and fraying raw edges. LOL It was fun!

It is so good to be back in blogland. I'd love to hear from you ( my email box is empty and sad without you...;o)


  1. I was wondering about what could be happening...
    Wellcome back!
    I don't know if you've received an e-mail telling about my new virtual home, if not you can catch me through this comment :)

  2. Wondered where you were! Looks like you've been busy.

  3. Too cute!! Great machine sketching too.

  4. Sending you ((cyber hugs))...never good to lose all those links..I'd be lost without my daily reads!

    Hope you find everyone!

  5. well you are NOT alone with being a neat freak! My husband has learned to live with me being that way. I made a baby bib for a friends almost baby and had to make it twice because the first one wasn't good enough. I have figured myself out these day... I have to be at least 95% happy with something to just let it be. Hopefully I will be 95% happy with the baby blanket I have undone and redone 3 times soon so I can post pictures of it!
    pssst...I actually like the wonkiness of the lines... just tell everyone it was done on purpose!

  6. In truth, I was starting to wonder where you were.... glad you're back up and that you're outfitted with a new system.

    Happy Day!

  7. Welcome back - wonderful little wristlet, a great little project for a quick giftie.

  8. Lovely to see you back!

    Computers are great util they misbehave, aren't they. I've lost most of my addres book in the changeover to a new computer, too.

  9. Hi Katherine! Computers are great when they work without complications.

    Good to see you’re back! Love your little gift project!


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