Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It wasn't on my to-do list...

to get sick and spend all of my days off in bed. That's exactly what happened though. I seem to be on the mend, but I'm definitely not 100% quite yet. We're gearing up for Valentine's Day where I work because as you can imagine this is always a biggie in sales for the flower industry. So, me getting sick right now? Not good at all. I'm hoping that taking an extra day to stay at home to rest will have me ready for the long hours ahead this weekend.

Look at the sweet gift I recently received in my mailbox from my friend, Dianne. It's a tea wallet made in the cutest teapot fabric! ( I apologize for not having figured out the new system I'm using so that the photo would be right side up....)

Inside the tea wallet, there's room for at least 4 tea bags. Dianne knows how I love tea and wisely knew I would use this gift for toting tea to work. Thanks Dianne!
Okay, I'm off to get some more rest. I must be well by Friday.
Wishing you all a Happy Valentines' Day! Make it special.


  1. It was lovely of you to think of us while you are in the midst of bedtime and getting back to health.

    We wish you speedy improvement and strengthening of your immune system to fight off every infection and bug.

    Thanks for sharing pics of your mailbox treat. Very pretty.

    Hugs, Brenda

  2. Thank you for the kind words and Valentine's wishes. May you rest and get well, my friend.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours as well!

  3. Hope you are feeling tip-top now!

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well Katherine! I hope you’re on the mend!

    Very sweet gift from Diana indeed!

  5. 原來這世上能跟你共同領略一個笑話的人竟如此難得........................................


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