Monday, February 1, 2010

Velvet Beret

Purple velvet is rather eye-catching on its own, but when paired with some Kaffe Fasset print, you can't help causing people to take a second look. At least that's what happened to me when I wore this new creation to work.

I'll be making more berets, but I'll likely fiddle with the pattern a bit more. I'm thinking I like a beret with a bit more crown to it. This one garnered compliments mainly due to the fabric pairing, plus you can't help but feel adventurous when you're wearing purple velvet. LOL

I'm sure you can imagine that I'm gaining a reputation as a frequent hat wearer. It seems to have become my 'signature look'. I didn't start with that intention. A hat seemed like a easy way to camouflage bad hair days (and um...hide the grey hairs that seem to be multiplying to no end...;o)

Today's fashion tip: wear a purple velvet beret and no one will be looking at your grey hair. hee hee


  1. Okay girl, that looks royal to the enth degree!

  2. It's perfect! You are working hard!!!
    I do like this very much!

  3. So lovely! I can totally see this beret paired with a matching cape in purple velvet!

  4. Ahhhh.... Grey hair. I dyed mine instead of wearing a beret. My kids talked me into giving up the dye though cause they love my grey hair so much. The girls all think it's pretty. Their argument for keeping it on show? You couldn't get a colour like that at the hairdresser Mum. It's special! So I grew the dye out. Now I have "special" hair!

  5. Hi, Im'm new to blogging and have just set up my own blog. I just love your hats. Anything that can be made quickly appeals to me. I too am into hats + bags + slippers.
    You can never have too many of these necessities of life.

  6. LOL...Great tip!
    Love the beret, and you can't help but to feel pretty in velvet. :-)



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