Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Changing Gears

A whole year has come and gone since I started working at a local flower shop. It has been a year of learning and a year of change and growth. I have decided to leave my job there and pursue other dreams. I don't have photos of my bouquets I put together for customers during this time (which you might be thankful for... ;o)

Instead, will this qualify as proof that I really have been working at a flower shop??? This is what I managed to assemble for myself from the "unsaleable" odds and ends left after closing on my second to last weekend of work. I had no preconceived idea for this, but was very happy with the colour combination and variety when I finished.

Next up, another hat. The morning I put the beret on for work, I knew it needed a little special something. I started digging through my vintage brooches and found this treasure. This brooch belonged to my maternal grandmother and this is the first time I have worn it. I used to wear brooches and such all the time when I was younger (read: before having kids) and got out of the habit, but think it's time to return to my vintage pieces. I do love vintage jewelry.

It really seems that it's all about hats with me these days. Which leads me to share with you that a door has opened for me to begin marketing my creations. I have had a vendor at the farmers market approach me to ask if I would like to try selling my hats in her booth.

I said, "Yes!" This weekend I will have two hats available in her booth and will see where the venture leads.


  1. I LOVE your daffy photo in your banner! And your bouquet of 'whatnots' made a perfect combo.

    And that new hat is a winner!

  2. good luck with your new adventure. Maybe we will see you at the farmer's market some day

  3. Oh good luck on your new endeavor! I think your hats will do very well...I like the added brooch to the red one!

  4. The brooch looks stunning against the red of the hat. Hope everything goes well with your hat venture.

  5. Love the bouquet Katherine!

    Good luck with your new adventure. Those hats will sell, but don’t sell your Grandma’s brooch...LOL!

  6. Gorgeous bouquet of flowers and I love the hats.

    Hope your new venture takes off!

  7. Beautiful bouquet, hard to imagine that those are the "unsaleable" blooms.

    Your grandmother's brooch looks beautiful on your handmade beret. I'm so excited for you in this new venture.

  8. What a pretty arrangement! Best wishes for your next venture.

  9. I wish you good luck, Katherine! Your hats are beautiful and I'm sure many people will like them. The brooch is awesome!

  10. Good luck, Katherine! I'm sure it will be a success!
    Have a great Easter weekend.


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